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The Height and Relativity of Pop Art

The technique and the idea of the movement known as pop art had developed and ramified into a famous sub-branch known as pop art canvas. Those who are unaware of the designs of pop art may have acquired some pieces of pop art canvas either as gifts or as a great addition for your walls to have that personality and colour.

The Height and Relativity of Pop Art

But how often do we see the pop art today? People who love the funk and colours of advertisements and glossy magasine pages may have been staring at pop art in its modern sense.

Most advertisement and marketing strategies commonly equate pop art with the vibrant energy of the youth. With its vibrancy and colour, pop art had relayed the zest that is required if a strategy is to be directed to those who are from the teen to the ‘yuppy’ segment.

Indeed, there exists a blurry distinction between what is popular and new to what is late and the weakening. Thus, the object and the core of pop art would never desist as what is new and popular would always and remain to be relative.

The object of pop art had evolved – from the technology to which a masterpiece had been created to the object to which the creation centers on. One exemplary ramification of pop art is called pop art canvas, a rather popular technique that employs graphic and design software in the application of the ideas of the movement.

Popularly seen today as a printed stand-alone wall décor or print portrait rendition, pop art canvas is a highly unique expression of an underlying cause that had been propagated by the movement. Though most commercial websites that had dedicated their activities in the propagation of the techniques of pop art, it is quite apparent that their production is centered on the requests of most consumers to relay the pop art technique to their digital photographs. It can be deduced simply by the volume of production and the number of dedicated and niche websites that pop art had penetrated the consciousness of the consumer more than the luminaries and even of the proponents had ever dreamed of.

It can be said that the primary objective of pop art is for the consumers to see the simplicity and the mundane things as a manifestation of art. In each bottle of a soda, in each stroke of the blush powder, and in every colour that distinguishes a powder soap from another is an effort to create a piece that is discernible and unique.

A Perfect Art: The Person in the Mirror

Andy Warhol, one of those who had strongly provided the pillar of pop art, had created perfect manifestation of pop art in his piece he had titled Marilyn Monroe: Diptych. Then, he moved later to the faces of Jacqueline Kennedy and Mick Jagger, an exemplification of how art could conquer a divide. But does Warhol’s preference signifies that only those with stature are worthy to be depicted in masterpiece? The answer lies in the ideal of pop art: see beauty in everyday life.

With this, it can be said that portraits rendered in pop art canvas had advanced the cause that was started by Andy Warhol. Pictures that mirror the youth and the old that had been made more dramatic with the modern day application of graphic and design software and a half century old technique known as pop art canvas can be truest ramification of the mission set by the pop art movement.

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