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Know of any company that does out of bounds/survival holiday for kids in UK?

My son (9) wants to go on a kids holiday where you light camp fires, make and sleep in a bivouac, gut rabbits, play with bows and arrows, find your own water source, cook what you kill, navigate by the stars, get cold and wet, use maps and compasses and all kinds of other yukky boy stuff. A real hard core boy weekend of something similar... maybe even where Dad can go along too.

Last year he went to a kids camp and loved it, but it was a bit too 'regimented' and kind of too big and impersonal. He wants to go again, but would prefer something more cool, real and hands on!

Obviously I havent the foggiest if this kind of thing exists, and before I go out and purchase a swiss army knife and book on how to hunt your own sparrows I thought I might ask if anyone knew of a company who already do these things for real little muck worms in the UK...?

Yeah i saw one of these types of holidays on a BBC 1 or 2 show about holidays within the UK, but I can't remember what it was called, i think it might have been shown a year ago now, but the idea of the show was a single women had a budget for a holiday, but rather than going away, the aim of the show was for her to go on days out, rather than say going abroad. I think for like a weekend she went on a survival thing with her son, where they "supposedly" got stranded on an island or in a forest or something and had to survive, and cook there own food, camp ect.

Can't remember where the place was at all (although it must have been in the UK) or what the program was called. Maybe if you google it with something along the lines of UK holidays from home program or something you might get some results, although i've never been good with google, so the chances are nothing will come up. It was defiantly a BBC program though, try there website.


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