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INSULATED TENT Wilderness Camping 1 2 Person Outdoor Shelter Survival Pup Man
INSULATED TENT Wilderness Camping 1 2 Person Outdoor Shelter Survival Pup Man
Time Remaining: 8d 5h 2m
Buy It Now for only: $24.35

NEW Lightweight Two Man Pup Tent w Carry Bag Camping Play Fort Kids Indoor Blue
NEW Lightweight Two Man Pup Tent w Carry Bag Camping Play Fort Kids Indoor Blue
Time Remaining: 25d 18h 50m
Buy It Now for only: $35.45

QUECHUA 2 Seconds EASY III Fresh  Black Pup up Camping tent 3 MEN
QUECHUA 2 Seconds EASY III Fresh Black Pup up Camping tent 3 MEN
Time Remaining: 23d 19h 57m
Buy It Now for only: $178.00

QUECHUA 2 Seconds EASY II Fresh  Black Pup up Camping tent 2 MEN
QUECHUA 2 Seconds EASY II Fresh Black Pup up Camping tent 2 MEN
Time Remaining: 23d 20h 9m
Buy It Now for only: $158.00

Man Pup Tent

What To Look For In A Military Surplus Store

A good Military Surplus Store should have a wide variety of items that will suit your objectives. The need for Military Surplus items is growing, as they are known to have more and more applications in the civilian sector as well. Many items can easily be cross used by people in Construction, Camping and other outdoor endeavors.

Combat Boots

There are now Extreme Cold Temperatore Boots available that will take great care of your feet in cold weather, even with temperatures that get as low as 20 degrees below zero. These are known in the Military as Mickey Mouse Boots. You can also get SealSkinz Socks which are waterproof and that allow your feet to breathe at the same time. These will work in cases where waterproof boots may not be an option. Some unissued Mickey Boots will even keep your feet warm in temperatures as low as 40 degrees below zero. And if you're looking for strong laces try the paratrooper laces. They are supposed to be the strongest laces in the world.

Thermal Underwear

And if you plan on working out in the cold or will be going on a mission in Cold Weather, try some Polypropylene Underwear. This is the best thermal underwear you can buy. If you need good protection for all your leather items try some Sno Seal. This product is made from Beeswax and will provide much better protection than oils and greases will.

Sleeping Gear

These days you can find great sleeping bags, air bags and liners. You can buy sleeping bags that are designed to keep you toasty warm at temperatures as low as 10 degrees fairenheit. And if you wanna keep your body slightly off the ground, consider picking up an Air Mattress made of Rubberized Cotton. And how about a 100% Virgin Wool Blanket that is Authentic Military Issue.

Another option to keep you elevated at night is a Compact Cot. You can pickup one of these new for under $30.00, but chances are you'll find them on our site for much less used. And if you wanna sleep like a baby through a blizzard consider picking up a set of Disaster Blankets. They are made of Wood, Nylon and Rayon. And sleeping bag mats are always a no lose choice. Most are made of foam and you can pick one up for under $10.00.

You'll never sleep on the concrete or dirt again once you own one of these. And a Swedish Bed Frame can even be adjusted to fit the natural incline of your body.

Food & Cooking Utensils

The GI Multi Fuel Portable Stove used to be used by the army. You can use this to boil water, prepare your hot cocoa or coffee in the morning or soup. And Canteen cups sure come in handy while you are outdoors. And there's nothing like a can opener to carry on your keychain. And if you plan on going out in cold weather get an Arctic Canteen cup. And whatever you do make sure you have plenty of stored water in your vehicle.

Get a few collapsible water containers, that should do the trick. An Aluminum Griddle is perfect for cooking hot dogs, sausages, even pancakes. And don't forget the 144 pack of MRE Heaters to warm up your MRE food. And a mess kit with utensils will will give you the essentials to ensure you aren't eating off the ground or your cammies.

Other Camping Essentials

Make sure you have a good reliable flashlight with extra batteries, preferably a military issue flashlight since they are much tougher than commercial brands. They are made for function not looks. And a Cammenga Compass will go miles to make sure you don't get lost out there along with your map. And if you'll be in a hot area with lots of flys, knats and other pesky creatures don't forget your insect repellent and consider also getting an insect face net.

And just in case your flashlight does burn out, don't be stuck in the dark. Be prepared with an extra pack of light sticks. These last 6-8 hours after you snap and shake them. If you need to cut some wood you can always get a little wire saw for under $10.00. And don't forget your MRE's. Nothing worse than starving out in the wilderness or on your mission before aid arrives.

Just in case you need it consider buying a 2 man pup tent. Ground troops have used these for decades in the field, and if you find yourself having to use it it's better to have it and not need it than to need one and not have it. It will allow you to get a good night sleep out there that you'll really need after humping around all day.

If you need to start a fire, consider a waterproof match box with stick matches. Also bring along an extra set of lighters. And to be extra safe, bring along a Magnesium Fire Starter. Whether you are camping or out on a military mission, the night before you go just sit down and think about what you would need to survive for a 30 day period if you got stranded. Think about what you'll eat, what you'll drink and where you'll sleep. It's always better to be safe than sorry, and it's always best to be prepared.

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