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Repel Insect Mosquito

Repelling Insects Naturally

Using natural ways of repelling annoying or biting insects focuses on keeping the insects away rather than killing them. So natural repellents can be less harsh to you and the environment.

Many of the most pungent or strong smelling essential oils are good for repelling insects - eucalyptus, tea tree, lavender, geranium, rosemary, thyme, peppermint to name a few.

Which oil or oils you choose will depend on the type of insect and how the oil is to be used. Preparations to use on the skin should always be diluted, whether in an oil or in a water spray - water based sprays should always be shaken well before each use to disperse the oils. Neat oils can be carefully used around the house (eg to repel ants) or on the edges of clothing as an alternative to using anything on the skin.

Around the house - try peppermint to deter ants - drop around entry points. Lavender or Clove Bud are classics for deterring moths - put drops on cotton balls and tuck between clothing or linen.

To deter mosquitoes and other biters - for preference wear clothes that cover legs and arms, Then try putting drops of lavender essential oil on the edges of cuffs. The same oil can also be used in a spray or carrier oil to smooth over exposed skin. Lavender is also useful to take the itch out of bites, should you get them - use neat on a cotton bud dotted onto the bite.

Remember all insects and conditions are different, so a little experimentation may be necessary to find just the right combination for you.

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