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Wenzel Insect Repellent Armour Fabric 3 Season Camping Tent Sleeps Five Persons
Wenzel Insect Repellent Armour Fabric 3 Season Camping Tent Sleeps Five Persons
Time Remaining: 10d 1h 55m
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Wenzel Insect Repellent Armour Fabric 3 Season Camping Tent Sleeps Three Persons
Wenzel Insect Repellent Armour Fabric 3 Season Camping Tent Sleeps Three Persons
Time Remaining: 10d 1h 58m
Buy It Now for only: $119.95

Insect Shield Insect Repellent Blanket
Insect Shield Insect Repellent Blanket
Time Remaining: 13d 23h 53m
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Iguana Pop Up Bed Net Tent Woodland Insect Repellant Fabric w Carrying Bag
Iguana Pop Up Bed Net Tent Woodland Insect Repellant Fabric w Carrying Bag
Time Remaining: 24d 19h 10m
Buy It Now for only: $49.99

Iguana Pop Up Bed Net Tent Woodland Insect Repellant Fabric w Carrying Bag
Iguana Pop Up Bed Net Tent Woodland Insect Repellant Fabric w Carrying Bag
Time Remaining: 24d 19h 12m
Buy It Now for only: $59.99

Repel Insect

Insect Repellent for Camping

If there's one thing that you absolutely cannot leave home without when you head out camping, insect repellent is it. The degree of bugs that you run into while out will depend on the area that you happen to be going, but make no mistake about it, if you do hit an area where they are heavily populated, you can be sure that it's going to take away from the overall enjoyment you get from your trip. While nats and flies will certainly be a hassle to deal with, mosquitoes tend to be especially frustrating to campers as just a few bites and you'll feel like you're constantly being pricked by the tiny bugs as your skin remains in a supersensitive state. Fortunately, if you choose the right insect repellent for your needs, you can go about your trip worry free that these bugs are going to bother you.

Let's take a quick look at the various insect repellent options out there and help you discover which will be the best one for you to bring. Insect repellents can be broken down into two main categories, DEET based repellents as well as Botanical-based repellents.

DEET Based Repellents

Deet based repellents are one of the most common forms used and can be helpful for warding off a variety of different types of pests including blackflies, mosquitoes, and ticks. It's especially important that you are aiming to find a repellent that's going to fight the war against ticks because these can carry and transfer Lyme disease to you. You can purchase DEET products in the forms of liquids, sprays, as well as lotions, so regardless of your preference you will be sure to use it. It's also important to note that you can also purchase various intensity levels of DEET ranging from a 4% formula all the way up to a 100% formula for the most severe cases. Even the most concentrated of these DEET based repellents, however, will simply repel the insects. This type of repellent does not kill the insects, and is therefore the most commonly recommended solution. As much of an annoyance as these critters may seem, they do play a vital role in the environment. Bear in mind, though, that as with any skin-based repellent, some people may find that they have skin insensitivities so be sure to apply a small amount at home or consult your physician before heading out on your trip.

Botanical Based Repellents

The second type of repellent that you can buy is a botanical based repellent and these take a more natural approach. Commonly referred to as "the oils", these solutions will ward off any pests while also decreasing your carbon footprint. The following three "green" options are therefore also highly recommended. (Note that there are also several sunscreen products available that contain nautral insect repellents as well.)


One of the more common botanical based products is citronella oil. This can be purchased as an oil, lotion, spray, or even in the form of a candle. This repellent works wonders to repel insects, however it's important to note that it won't work for that long. Typical applications or uses will only last for about twenty minutes to one hour, so you'll require constant reapplication. If using citronella, it is therefore suggested that you use this in the form of a candle which can burn for hours, or in the form or compact packaging. While candles are exceptionally common and are found at most hardware stores, you may find that even the smoke from a traditional campfire is sufficient to thwart your would-be attackers!

Eucalyptus Oil

Another type of oil that's commonly used to help repel insects is eucalyptus oil. This variety however is extremely effective at warding off pests,  even more so than DEET based solutions. One application can provide as much as two hours of protection time, with very little chance of skin reactions. If out on a hike through the woods during early evening, this is most certainly the best choice for the environmentally friendly camper.

Soyabean Oil

Finally, the last insect repellent that you can use is Soyabean Oil. Similar to Eucalyptus Oil, this one is also highly effective and doesn't cause nearly the same degree of skin reactions as Citronella. It offers a bit shorter period of time of protection than Eucalyptus Oil at just less than one hundred minutes but that's definitely nothing to turn away from.

Overall, many people prefer the strength and ease of application of DEET based products, but if you are looking for a more natural approach, Soyabean or Eucalyptus Oil will likely be the best way to go.

Electronic Repellents

A courtesy  of modern design, the last type of repellent discussed here is electronic based. These types of repellent act to either repel or kill insects through the use of chemical attractants (pheromones) or electrocution. Any modern camper is familiar with the old "zap-em" bug lanterns of the past, but most modern devices focus on simply forcing the insects away in order to preserve the environment. The ThermaCELL cordless repellent  is one such device. Giving off an odorless, animal friendly scent, this device is battery powered and provides up to  15 square feet free of mosquitoes, black flies, no-see-ums and sand flies.  Completely undetectable to other animals, this device is perfect for hunters or fisherman as well. It's even currently used in Iraq, Kuwait and Afghanistan by the U.S. military!

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