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Thinking of getting two new tents. What do you think?

Hello, I thinking of buying two new tents. One for the family and one for myself (for hunting trips). Take a look at these and give me your opinions. The first link is the one man tent for myself.
The second link in the family tent.

the Coleman Bayside is an excellent choice. It's easy to set and comes with a stay dry guarantee. You will be quite pleased.

The swiss gear is a poor quality low cost tent that won't last very long, sets poorly, leaks like a sieve and barely fits one person. You get what you pay for.

One man tents I recommend two options Some swear by the Hennesy Hammock as being the most comfortable one man option out there. Now I have tried it and didn't like it, well each to his own. I've seen these cheaper then REI has em though,

My favorite is the REI Half Dome 2 Tent it's rated for 2 people but one and your gear is more comfy has great ventilation sets well and the price is fair.

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