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Surborder Shop 60 LED Portable Camping Tent Umbrella Night Light Lamp Lantern
Surborder Shop 60 LED Portable Camping Tent Umbrella Night Light Lamp Lantern
Time Remaining: 14d 17h 45m
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Double Layer 3 4 Person Outdoor Camping Tent+Aluminum Foil Dampproof Mat+ Lamp
Double Layer 3 4 Person Outdoor Camping Tent+Aluminum Foil Dampproof Mat+ Lamp
Time Remaining: 4d 21h 5m
Buy It Now for only: $130.55

Camp Lamp

The Modern Camp Lighting for Outdoors

Camping can be one of the best times in your life. You will get a lot of new friends, fresh cheers and improved skills. The most exciting part comes during the night when all the campers chat, sing and play games together. Believe it or not, the pattern of camp lighting, can affect the interaction and passion between the camping participants.

Around a warm campfire, all the people are organized to sing songs and play games. It brings us the image of human ancestors who lived in the wild world, invented fire to defeat the danger of beast. It's exciting to tell horror stories around a campfire after a joy-filled cooking. Forget about matches or other awkward methods to make a campfire. There is a kind of specific gas campfire lighter which are fueled by Butane. This kind of gear is safe, light weight, a perfect camping accessory.

Other camp lightings are lamps or lanterns. They are portable, light and environment friendly. According to the design, they fall into two types - roof lamp and lanterns.

A roof lamp is a lamp hooked to the roof of the tent. A roof lamp illuminates the whole tent brightly so that a camper can do reading, writing or have a small-sized group party. How about inviting your new friends to your tent to have an interest-sharing talk? Most of roof lamps are battery powered and use LED bulbs which are bright and energy-saving so there is no concern of fire issues.

On the other hand, a lantern is what be placed in the open ground. Activities like picnic, games (such as card playing) and night fishing are good choices. There are two types of lanterns - gas lantern and electronic lantern.

A common gas lantern is fueled by unleaded petrol which is much more heat-emitting and longer time lasting than other lamps. People used to take it for jungle exploring and other ventures. Thanks to today's technology, a gas lantern can last a few hours, depending on the adjustable flame. With a gas lantern, you can easily to make your campfire without hunting for wood and worrying about environment problems or safety concerns.

The Electronic lantern is similar to roof lamp, is also powered by battery or use LED bulbs. Another thing worth to mention is the combo of functions. Especially the compass mounted lantern with whicht you will never get lost. Or you want some more recreation? Some lanterns are integrated with FM radio that you could listen to your radio on the go. Also electronic lantern is a good partner for night fisher. The bright cold light is quite alluring to fish.

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