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7 Person 1 Room Family Tent Cabin Doom Camping Outdoor Waterproof Family Teepee
7 Person 1 Room Family Tent Cabin Doom Camping Outdoor Waterproof Family Teepee
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Room Doom Camping

Part (4). A journey to make to get past St Peter at the gates

Manuscript (5)


Not to be confused with the dissolvable created psyche, a physical created persona that we call the individual I or self.

Each individual, each family, each tribe, each nation, the whole human race, every form of life-intelligence, has an individual spiritual psyche. That spiritual psyche or essence, also functions as a karmic key-signature within the interactive archetypal spiritual intelligence of primordial Nature processing life. We should understand, that the evolving spiritual psyche of the human being…but not its dissolvable physical created psyche, contains a divine potential to be eternal within Creation. A divine potential that is subject to our continuing spiritual evolution as human beings during life. That is where the equation of ‘evolve or perish' comes into human affairs in the divine plan of evolution and the spiritual plot of life.

In the spiritual interactive workings of primordial Nature, life functions as individual intelligence being processed and evolved through the ‘cause & effect' influence of its created karma. Karma, that is a ‘cause & effect' creative equation out of brain structured species that fuels the activity, direction and expression of life. Karma, that is a perpetuating product (creative influence) that comes out of our human thoughts & desire to create our destiny. Karma, the cause of the continuing physical re-birth cycle of the spiritual essence of the human being & linked to actions & unrequited desires from previous lives. Karma, that enters the spiritual workings of Nature to interact with its primordial archetypal intelligence orchestrating life. Therefore, orchestrating the biology of life, orchestrating the human mind and body, orchestrating the genetic structure & chemistry of life, orchestrating the evolution of life. Comprehend all the branches of brain structured life, have a interactive common denominator in the archetypal primordial intelligence of Nature that underwrites it and processes its individual karma for the purpose of evolution & survival.

This spiritual knowledge of Nature, is what is missing in our existing incomplete physical understanding of life, ourselves and Nature. That is why those indiscriminately experimenting on Creation and its components, can be said to be spiritually blind and divorced from Nature with their science creativity. Because in blindly re-arranging and meddling with life and the atom, incomplete Science is unknowingly usurping Laws that underwrite ‘order out of chaos' in life and Creation. That means Science, is creating and accumulating a ‘cause & effect' karmic influence that interferes with the self-referral function of spiritual Laws of Nature. Laws that are processing the spiritual and physical evolution of life through its created karma. Self-referral laws (energies) that are processing ‘order out of chaos' in the primordial archetypal spiritual intelligence that underwrites life. Laws that are the divinely structured & orchestrated Government of the spiritual archetypal intelligence of impersonal Primordial Nature.

When the negative karmic influence out of our human creativity reaches ‘critical mass' in primordial Nature's workings, its devolution influence will trigger the status quo intelligence of this Creation to manifest and restore the human disturbed equilibrium & divine function of Nature and its Laws. In that automatic status quo authored process of the restoration of evolution, life starts again. As it has in the past on this Planet when the duel physical & spiritual evolution of life has stagnated. But obviously not through our human cause & effect, as our species had yet to come into existence. But this pending avoidable cataclysmic restoration of evolution, will definitely be down to our human species and its accumulating ‘got it wrong' creativity causing the devolution problem. A human created karmic problem that has stagnated the spiritual evolution of our species as a ‘cause & effect result.

To dissolve that mankind created devolution problem and evolve further with our spiritual evolution, we need to acquire the spiritual means to dissolve its karmic influence and stay in sync with the spiritual intelligence that underwrites life. We need to come out of our existing primordial structure of physical consciousness and acquire a spiritual one. We need to comprehend that all life is being processed for the purpose of evolution by higher intelligence of greater magnitude than human intelligence. We need to acquire that spiritual consciousness and operate intuitively out of its universal intelligence with our creativity & karma as human beings. We can identify that higher intelligence as the ‘Cosmic Mind', the progenitor of physical Creation and life. A divine intelligence that is the active spiritual intelligence of the uninvolved Creator. We could also call that composite divine intelligence, the Cosmic Spirit, or the Holy Spirit in religious terminology. That is authored and underwritten by transcendent abstract Absolute Intelligence, the intrinsic manifested substance of Creation and that Religion has called God.

Comprehend spiritual intelligence and absolute intelligence are eternal intelligence. Unlike biological human intelligence and its obvious physical dissolvable limitations. A logic that some very intelligent human beings, are going to have to come to grips with in our current hotchpotch make it up as you go along understanding of Creation. Because existing Science, for all its acquired physical knowledge, has not got a clue as to what makes life and Creation tick. Therefore, they do understand what not to do with their gifted human intelligence in the life re-arranging laboratory. Or that ten billion dollar plus atom trashing machine in the ‘got it wrong' scientific quest to find the God particle. Because God is not a physical particle, but a transcendent intelligence that seeds creation and all that is in it. That seeds all the different strata (dimensions) of Creation of which ‘physical creation' is but a part of its interactive whole. Creation, that was definitely not created to be trashed by the human being, in the ego sourced delusion of creating scientific progress and conquering new frontiers.

Governments also come in for special mention in this spiritless department. They also have no intuitive connection to the spiritual Laws of Nature in their activity, legislation and governance, only the human ego and the created ideology of Big Corporate Money Making Business. That, under the glorious banner of the unstoppable Global Economy, is destroying the future of this Civilization with unconscionable greed. Because money and what it buys, has become the all-consuming holy grail of our got it wrong Civilization. In that human authored delusion, we are blindly polluting everything on this living Planet out of human conceit and irreverence for life and calling it progress. A greed propelled progress that the powerless majority have no say in. Only the gifted few creating and fuelling those realities we all have to live have the say in that progress. Because they are creating it…but without an Upstairs issued licence.

This delusion we are calling progress, is unknowingly stagnating our spiritual evolution and destroying the future of our Civilization out of unchecked greed, overpopulation and synthetic toxic pollution. It is a devolution progress fuelled by influence we have no comprehension of in our existing structure of ego consciousness. Paradoxically, those who are creating & contributing to its growing influence, are made blind by its karmic influence. It is contagious influence that instigates irrational all-consuming behaviour in our species. It is a euphoric karmic influence that drives greed and a insatiable ego authored desire to conquer and acquire power. It is a human created accumulating devolution karmic influence, that instigates spiritual self-destruction and terminates the evolution of the spiritual psyche of the human being.

Manuscript (6)


(I times D) plus the square root of (M) times (LN plus CM) equals H.`

Clue – each letter represents a word.

Warning for the problem-solver: The content contains a spoiler to the equation.

Its product (H) is the logic out of a word equation sourced to spirituality, not a number equation sourced to physical mathematics. Yet, it could be equally expressed by mathematical logic. Thus the logic to be found in words, is the same logic to be found in a math's equation –merely expressed differently from different locations in the human brain.

Pure logic, can also be expressed through harmonious uplifting musical notation, art and architecture when linked to a positive psyche. That coherence of expression out of positive human creativity, is the subtle appeal of the Masters works to the physical senses of perception of their audience. Thus as pure logic transposed through human creative expression, its expression is appealing to the mind of human beings in all its many diverse expressions, including mathematics. Expressions of creativity that all originate from the source of thought and its reflection as an impulse of creative intelligence emanating from the spiritual source of life and the absolute intelligence that seeds it.

It could be said that pure logic (perfect coherence), is a reflection of the ‘order out of chaos' function of the self-referral Laws of Nature. Spiritual laws that are the government of the negative & positive primordial archetypal intelligence that underwrites the biology & expression of life. Coherence of expression and creativity that should come naturally to a human being, when its conscious thought process is intuitively connected to those self-referral spiritual Laws through the unconscious mind…the spiritual psyche of the human being. When the human mind goes out of sync with Nature, then conscious thought & creativity has no anchor to those intuitive self-referral spiritual laws structuring order out of chaos & coherence in life. In that karmic sourced debilitation of thought, the mind loses the natural ability to intuitively know what is supportive of Life & Nature and what is not supportive of Life & Nature. In its place comes delusion, denial, negative structured creativity & logic and the inability to understand right from wrong. Therefore what compliments the individual, society, life, nature and evolution and what does not compliment the individual, society, life, Nature and evolution.

For example, the negative structured logic of…

The self-destructive suicide bomber and fanatical terrorist.

Those decimating the atom to see what makes it tick.

Those creating and selling weapons of mass destruction.

Those indiscriminately re-arranging life in the science laboratory.

Those saturating life with synthetic chemical pills and toxic pollution.

Those governments selling off publicly owned infrastructure to generate immense wealth for the few and fuel greed & inequality in Society.

Those allowing all-consuming Global Big Business to dominate, own and trash the World to fuel the global economy and unconscionable greed.

Those allowing trans-national Corporations to buy and own another Nations resources to generate money and immense wealth for those with a piece of the action.

Those saturating Society with mankind's pathological behaviour and calling it entertainment, art and freedom of expression.

All the above human created realities (ideologies), are being driven by human logic & reason that has no connection to the coherent value of the self-referral Laws of Nature. Because the not understood common denominator of those human lived ideologies, is that they are all self-destructive to life and Nature and the spiritual purpose of evolution. Yet, not seen as being destructive by those in the driving seat of those human created ideologies. Comprehend when divorced from the spiritual roots of life with our human thought and creativity, we become blind to the consequences of our human actions. In that karmic sourced debilitation, we delude ourselves with our misplaced logic & reason and therefore in what we are calling progress. When trapped in that human created delusion, megalomania, narcissism, self-aggrandizement, greed & acquisition go into overdrive in Society. Activity that is illogically called success, accomplishment and progress on a level playing field.

The human created cause of the delusion:

When the negative archetypal intelligence of primordial Nature gains dominance in the collective consciousness of a Civilization, then abuse of power, ruthlessness, manipulation, exploitation, corruption, degradation of sexuality, crudeness, loss of dignified expression, irrational behaviour, intolerance, belligerence towards law & order, a couldn't care less attitude towards social responsibility, lack of manners, dignity and respect for others, growing behavioural & psychological disorder and a do what you like anything goes mentality flourishes in Society. Sanctified under a very abused freedom-of-expression edict with a no morals code tagged on for good measure in our Media liberated Civilization. All those human created devolution karmic influences, become dominant in a dysfunctional Civilization divorced from its spiritual roots. A karmic sourced debilitation, that prevents the self-referral function of the Laws of Nature to maintain ‘order out of chaos' in our human logic, reason, expression, creativity and consciousness…and therefore in what we are calling progress.

Clarification: When our human consciousness becomes lost from the coherent value of the Laws of Nature, harmony and positive life supporting values go out the back door in human Society. Negativity, disunity, ambivalence, depression, psychological disorder, social disorder, health disorder and dissent become dominant, especially in the born disadvantaged of Nations. Violent self-destructive illogical behaviour gains ascendancy in Society and it begins to unknowingly self-destruct with its social & spiritual evolution. This growing unrealised entropy in our Civilization, is directly linked to what we are calling progress and the greed, corruption & negative logic that is propelling it. It is time to understand what has caused this Civilization to become self-destructive without realising it. Because there is no escaping the invisible karmic influence behind it, its contagious influence unconsciously debilitates everyone trapped in the primordial structure of ego consciousness. It is a human created devolution influence, that prevents us clearly realising or agreeing on the destructive damage we are unwittingly inflicting on this planet out of our so-called progress.

The evolve or perish bottom line.

It is time to dissolve this delusion we are calling progress and create a coherent unified harmonious world in the process. The first step, is to incorporate the twice daily practice of transcendental meditation into our daily routine and acquire some humility for a change…and not Darth‘s brownie points out of worshiping ourselves for our material accomplishments and so-called progress. The solutions to all our human created problems will come to us if we do just that…as well as acquiring some Upstairs brownie points to replace those Darth acquired brownie points for a change. It is that simple a solution to dissolving the contagious delusion we are calling progress and have become lost in as a global civilization. Because progress divorced from the spiritual roots of life in its material content, is progress divorced from the spiritual Laws of Nature structuring order out of chaos in Creation.

The spoiler: Individuality times diversity plus the square root of the mass times the Laws of Nature plus collective meditation in Society, equals automatic coherence in our human consciousness. Therefore the means to evolve further with our spiritual evolution and collect our harp at the end of the human day with our progress…also known as Heaven in Upstairs circles.

Manuscript (7)


About the unknown spiritual system of Nature that underwrites life and about the unknown ‘cause & effect' our human creativity has on its negative and positive primordial archetypal intelligence. A report to the Boot Camp detention room memo for all those in the driving seat of progress. Location and don't forget to put the ego into neutral and bring your ear plugs?

E.coli the human terminating bug?

Nipah the human terminating bug?

Mad Cows Disease the human terminating bug?

Plus, a lot of other human terminating malignant disorders percolating in the interacting primordial archetypal intelligence of Nature that physical life and its biology has manifested out of.

Was it a Monkey?

Was it a Pig?

Was it a Rat?

Was it a Mouse?

Was it a Bat?

Was it a Sheep?

Was it a Cow?

Q: Was it related to the exploitation and mistreatment of animals and disrespect for Nature & Life by ‘got it wrong' powerful human beings?


Because what quality of karmic influence comes out of human thoughts, creativity, deeds and actions, enters the interactive spiritual workings of primordial Nature that underwrites & orchestrates the biology & chemistry of life. When it is accumulating negative destructive not life-supportive karmic influence, then impersonal primordial Nature responds out of its automatic dictum of ‘as we sow so do we reap' with our human creativity in its physical & spiritual workings. By cranking up its negative archetypal intelligence to dissolve the dysfunctional species responsible. Aids is classic example, as are all sexually transmitted diseases. Diseases created & triggered out of the wrong sexual activity of our ‘got it wrong' human species.

Comprehend we have not solved the cause of Aids with viral drugs either. Its terminating bug has merely gone into hibernation from those chemical synthesized drugs and is invisibly re-grouping and re-creating itself. Because we have not dissolved the perpetuating human created ‘cause & effect' destructive karmic influence that created its malfunction in Nature's archetypal intelligence. We have only arrested its manifested physical aberration with those synthetic drugs, not dissolved its quantum located karmic cause. In fact, we have become even more conceited in our ‘do what you like' sexual & procreation re-arranging scientific laboratory affairs. Especially in the cloning, genetic reconstruction, life re-arranging, test tube meddling, harvesting of eggs & sperm & IVF departments of incomplete science. We must understand that existing incomplete Science, is not infallible or invincible in the intelligence that underwrites life.

That Science means well and has done much for mankind is not in contention, But, it only has half the information of life up on the blackboard…the physical part, not the spiritual part that underwrites it. Yes, medical Science has and can create miracles with its acquired physical knowledge & dedication but, it is doing so with a blindfold on. It is time to remove that blindfold before creating anymore miracles. Because some of those laboratory created miracles, are short term gain for long term loss not only for the human species, but all of life.

Comprehend that mankind is co-creator in this physical Creation. We are also King of the animal kingdom on the ladder of evolution with our human intelligence, conscious freewill and creativity. That human power, is a humungous responsibility in the primordial workings of Nature and the Laws that underwrite ‘order out of chaos' in its interactive domain. That human power, is a double edged sword in the ‘as we sow so do we reap' primordial workings of Nature & evolution. That human power, can turn into the sword of Damocles when we abuse it and degrade Creation & Life with our human creativity…especially in the sexual & procreation department.

Comprehend when we lose intuitive spiritual connection with the Laws of Nature with our human consciousness, we go off the rails of spiritual evolution and into devolution self-destruct mode with our logic and creativity. In boot camp terminology, we stuff up the system of life & evolution and create disorder & chaos in the spiritual intelligence that underwrites it.

Comprehend all disorder in Nature, is created by the human being and the human being alone. Thus are terminating life-destroying bugs, created from the destructive ‘cause & effect' influence out of our total lack of respect for life and the thoughtless subjugation and exploitation of animals in particular. e.g. unnatural farming practices and indiscriminate blind experimentation on animals in the divorced from Nature science laboratory?

Q: Are we in big trouble on this living evolving Planet through human conceit & spiritual ignorance and no understanding of what makes life tick in all departments…including the mind.

A: You bet your boot camp boots we are.

Comprehend we cannot abuse, exploit, subjugate, degrade, change, re-arrange and experiment blindly on life, under the human ego dictum of creating scientific progress and conquering new frontiers. We are the personification of delusion and conceit, when we go around doing what we like on this living Planet in the name of progress. When we go around denying the existence of intelligence greater than our own dissolvable intelligence, we are denying the glaringly obvious. Because where has everything come from, if not from intelligence greater than our dissolvable human intelligence.

Comprehend when we go around denying the logic that ‘nothing comes from nothing', we are the personification of delusion. We are now in big devolution trouble with our spiritual evolution out of its human ego sourced delusion and the Bard, had nothing to do with it. He knew what he was talking about, unlike most in the top end of town blindly creating our progress as well as our destiny. Thus there are more things not only inside, but also outside of heaven and earth than ever dreamed of in our existing human created understanding of life.

Serious boot camp stuff. Comprehend it is chaos that we are currently creating on this Planet out of our so-called progress. Comprehend that we cannot overpopulate this Planet as a species without self-destructing. It has finite resources that are not renewable, resources that we are re-synthesizing & gobbling up at an ever accelerating rate of consumption. A progress sourced to greed and ‘got it wrong' human beings in the driving seat of that all-consuming greed. We must stop blindly polluting Nature with synthetic toxic pollution and indiscriminately re-arranging and experimenting on everything, with out understanding where that everything has come from.

Clarification: If we do not come out of our human immaturity and start understanding, respecting and working with the intelligence that created Life, then there is no future for our human species and a lot of other species on this shared Planet. In boot camp detention room terminology, we will self-destruct as a dysfunctional species and go out the back door of Creation. It is time to acquire the spiritual knowledge and means to avoid that human created dead-end destiny, because human beings create their destiny on the ladder of spiritual evolution, not God.

Manuscript (8)


Compiled by Alf and completed by Stephen for other learned men (and women).

Please fill your own in and post it back here.

Part (1)

About contagious adult acquired unproductive habits in our children.

Are, smoking cigarettes & pot, taking chemical pills & sniffing grot and being lost in thrills & kicks as well as mental fits and blips from other promo saturated movie, television, entertainment copied behaviour in Society, predominant in the 70% of the 100% of young age groups due to the following…

1) Unable to read the ‘for adult entertainment and adult use only' directions on advertisements, promo's, glossy magazines, billboards, junk mail, CD & DVD covers, computer games, bongs, beverages, bottles, fast food wrappers and fizzy drink cans. Yes/No?

2) Too much pocket money to spend on the above and other must have status techno goodies with all mod cons and trendy twiddly bits. Yes/No?

3) Not enough school excursions to Hollywood and visits to Disneyland, Parliament House & Commercial Television Stations to dance with the stars. Yes/No?

4) Unable to express themselves any other way, but through copying script-writer & marketing genius instructed celebrities, film stars, sports stars, rock & roll stars and all the other human created stars that litter the communication highways…but not the heavens. Yes/No?

5) Too much adult pressure exerted on them to achieve and be crowned a winner and therefore a easily recognized up-market successful citizen in Society. Yes/No?

6) You have to be top at everything at School, or you do not receive enough brownie points and accolades to climb up the childhood ladder and claim lasting happiness and the jet setting money making top end of town created adult good life. Yes/No?

7) Poor home/social/education/communication environment, lack of mature parental love, good adult example, positive interaction and nurturing within childhood. Yes/No?

8).Unable to reach 21 fast enough to escape childhood for ever and become a successful commercial media, entertainment & product educated adult and a corresponding media accredited winner in Society to create news & closet information out of. Yes/No?

9) Cannot stop habitually worrying about all the above negatives. That have somehow been miraculously re-created into positives to acquire self-esteem and status recognition in Society. Yes/No?

10) Placating their acquired feelings of inadequacy, emptiness and unhappiness at not being able to measure up to media, education & adult expectations. Expectations coming out of a top end of town created playing field that does not understand the born disadvantaged players in the bottom end of town one little bit. Yes/No?

11) Unhappiness compounded by being written-off as losers and left behind in a top end of town created success/winning/product consumed/human worshiping Society on the script-writer & marketing genius deluded blink. Yes/No?

Q: Does the last statement, mean that Alf is advocating doom & gloom in the departure lounge for script-writers, marketing geniuses and the born gifted high achievers and so-called successful in life?

A: No, but Upstairs is. Because the gifted top end of town, have created a playing field for creating unhappiness and inequality in those who cannot possibly compete or keep up with them. Who were not born with the concentrated archetypal intelligence in their physiology that powers the activity, desires, intelligence, motivation and self-esteem of the successful top end of town. Who become lost, used, exploited, manipulated and psychologically damaged in ego & material driven ideologies to acquire self-esteem. Ideologies (created realities) that have no lasting spiritual foundation…only dissolvable material foundation to underwrite that all-important self-esteem.

So no, Alf is not recommending purgatory for the born gifted & successful in Society, but a trip to Boot Camp to acquire the Upstairs means to dissolve their delusion, earn their harp by helping others less fortunate and thus avoid purgatory in the finger pointing departure lounge. At the moment, no one is ever going to collect their harp. Least of all those in the driving seat of progress. Because the media acclaimed gifted & successful winning minority, are leading the unsuccessful losing majority in the wrong direction with their born mandate to create & direct progress. A material progress that has become lost from the spiritual roots of life and the coherent value of the Laws of Nature. That should underwrite progress…and not the ego, greed, pollution, big bucks, worshiping winners & material values and creating inequality & unhappiness in Society.

Part (2)

Are the majority of adult personality disorders, bad habits (subliminal thought patterns) and growing depression & unhappiness in Society due to the following….

1) Unable to understand Sigmund Freud and contemporaries. Yes/No.

2) Unable to find a dictionary to translate the make it up as you go along technical terminology used by the above. Affectionately called psycho babble in the bottom end of town on the receiving end. Yes/No.

3) Watching too many baddies and not enough goodies on the television and movies in childhood. Yes/No?

4) Pursuing unrealistic childhood dreams recommended by the cough, mutter and splutter successful top end of town. Yes/No?

5) Unable to acquire a piece of the 24/7 media relayed top end of town winning action and therefore, the big bucks, adulation and worshiped status that go with it. Yes/No?

4) The psychological residue from an unhappy desire frustrated inadequate childhood. Made worse by the media bombarded negatives that have been created into eulogised positives to acquire self-esteem & happiness. As listed in parts 1 & 2 of the Questionnaire. Yes/No?

Wow! this will cause an uproar and loss of earnings in the top end of town. It cannot be as simple as unhappiness at the root of the growing social devolution problem. Created from a decaying chaotic Civilization, that has fallen off the rails of spiritual evolution and is in self-destruct mode with its material & technological all-consuming progress. After all, we have all our books, expensive clinics, expert advice in glossy magazines and advertisements to prove otherwise. Even though we, the psychology profession & errant marketing geniuses, have not solved the unhappiness problem in Society yet, we are certainly making a good living. So keep coming, reading, buying products, taking pills, watching promo's and dancing with the stars. We will save you from finger pointing St Peter in the departure lounge'…if you have money that is.

Signed complaint from 70% of the 100% to ?% of the 30% of the 100%. Its aint working, at least not according to the tea lady where I work. Plus, we aint got the money –youse got it all up your end of town.

 Endorsed by Stephen Gripes on behalf of Upstairs for those left behind downstairs.

This concludes manuscripts 5,6,7 & 8..

 To be continued….

About the Author


The author is a retired hands-on businessman that has taken up writing in his old age to keep his hands & mind busy. His articles are of self-help value in the spiritual & mind department and the understanding of life. They also contain new knowledge in the fields of psychology, religion and spirituality that is NOT mainstream in society. This is the purpose of the created characters of Alf & Stephen Gripes, to bring that knowledge into circulation in different formats of presentation & delivery across the diverse structure of society.

William John Hatten - the Author.

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