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Take Your Pick From The Top 10 Video Games

In the world of electronic media games, video games have been a great hit among the kids and the adults. In this plethora of countless games few stand out and are widely popular. What makes a game more popular than the others? There may be many reasons but the chief one being `What is the goal of the game?` the goal of the game along with other factors makes or breaks a game. The top 10 video games, all with a unique goal are discussed here. Take your pick on the basis of the activities that need to be performed.

1. Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

The mission of `Link` is to Gather the Power of the Seven Sages and then shut Ganondorf in the Dark World Forever. This is due to the fact that Link was tricked by Ganondorf (King of Gerudo Thieves) when Link was a young boy. Ganondorf had used `Link` to access the `Sacred Realm`, and had then transformed the beautiful Hyrulean into a barren land. But Link was determined to resolve the problems that he had helped to create, so he takes the help of `Rauru` and travels around, gathering the powers of Seven Sages to accomplish his mission.

2. Tetris

The main object of the game is to manipulate the Tetrominoes (shapes formed by 4-square blocks each that fall down the playing area), by moving them either sideways or rotating them by up to 90 degree units. It is done to create a horizontal line of blocks without gaps and as soon as such a line is made, it disappears, leading to the fall of any block above the line that has got deleted.

As the game progresses, the Tetrominoes falls at a faster speed, and when all the Tetrominoes stack up and reach the top of the playing area and no more Tetrominoes are able to enter, the player is victorious! A truly interesting game that requires concentration and fast motor skills of the player!

3. Super Mario 64

In this popular game for the kids and the old, you can wander to discover the environment without time limits. These environments vary from each other and may be filled with evil creatures that will be raring to attack you or good creatures that help, inform and are ready to do any favor. You have to collect stars in each level which you gain once you finish the given task.

You may face challenges like defeating `a boss`, finding solutions to puzzles, collecting coins and racing against an opponent. You have to unlock the doors in the castle by defeating the Master Player in certain courses and get the keys to the doors. As you collect more stars, several courses of the castle will be accessible to you and you keep getting promoted to the next level.

4. Legend of Zelda: A Link to the past

Here, `Link` tries to find the villain called Ganondorf from the `Dark Tower` and seal Him in the Dark World. `Agahnim` controls the beautiful Hyrule and uses his evil powers to save Ganondorf from the Dark World. Once he succeeds in spite of all odds, the game gets over.

5. Super Metroid

This action game takes place on the planet, `Zebes`, a large world where each area is connected with the other through doors and elevators. You can control `Samus Aran` as she looks for a `Metroid` on the planet which was stolen by `Ridley` (leader of Space's evil Pirates).

You need to gather power-ups that will increase Samus's weapon-collection and also provide her with special abilities like the Space Jump that will make her travel far distances.

6. Super Mario Bros

The player needs to save `Princess Toadstool`. You can get hurt if you touch any enemy. If you fall into a pit or if the time runs out, you will loose a life and start again. You may either start afresh or at an invisible `checkpoint`. You may attack your enemies by simply jumping over them. You can kick the shells on enemies who will die. These kicked shells may bounce back off obstructions and hit you, resulting in you loosing a life. You can also kill your enemies by breaking brick boxes and throwing off the enemies standing on it. A truly fast paced game for the kids and the grownups!

7. Golden Eye 007

A game for James Bond fans. This game has several missions that were extended to make you participate in sequences which Bond did not act and even those in which Bond played a very minor role. The levels of the game are realistic in feel and in many places, there are irrelevant rooms and there are many routes. Files are there to check your progress; difficulty levels require you to complete complex objectives. After completing a mission, you can either continue or choose to play the previous level once again.

8. Final Fantasy VII

A virtual world game, this game comprises three modes: `an over world map`, `a battle screen` and `field maps`. The over world map features a lower version of the fictional world which you can navigate to go to various locations. The world map can be travelled by foot, on `chocobos`, `submarine` or `airship`. On field maps, several characters are sent across which either represent towns or forests. The battle screen is an area, like grassland or a building's interior, where you can give you commands against your enemies. This game has characters made up of polygons instead of 2D sprites.

9. Resident Evil 4

Being a combat game this game puts you in the shoes of Leon Kennedy, a United States government agent sent to find the daughter of the President, Ashley Graham. It focuses on horror, action and shootouts. It is a different level from the preceding games and it focuses on travelling and conserving weapons. You can zoom in to have an over-the-shoulder view while aiming. A laser sight adds an edge to the aim. You can aim in different directions at any time.

10. Doom

The game has the objective to simply locate the exit room which leads to next course which is marked with a sign and fight all odds on the way. Among these odds, there are toxic pits, monsters, reeling ceilings, radioactive slime and locked doors whose key card device is to be found. The levels are full of secret areas which hold power-ups to reward players. The surprise element makes the game very exciting and pulsating.

Thus take your pick from any of the 10 top video games and have an exciting gaming experience!

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