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Sleeps Eight LED Tent Light Hinged Door Coleman Elite Montana
Sleeps Eight LED Tent Light Hinged Door Coleman Elite Montana
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Eight person Polyester Screened Sun UV Rain Dry Cover Shade Canopy Sleep Tent
Eight person Polyester Screened Sun UV Rain Dry Cover Shade Canopy Sleep Tent
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Texsport 66401 Tent Bull Canyon Two Room Cabin Dome Sleeps up to eight persons
Texsport 66401 Tent Bull Canyon Two Room Cabin Dome Sleeps up to eight persons
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Sleeps Eight

Sleep Apnea Test – Usual Procedure During Diagnosis

What is the first thing you should do if you suspect you have sleep apnea? Call your health insurance. Before you subject yourself to any sleep apnea test, make sure you are financially equipped. I'm not saying you should be filthy rich. I'm saying you should know your medical bills payment options. Most sleep apnea treatment would cost you thousands of dollars from the doctor's fee, to the sleep test, to the treatment. It would be wise to know what to expect so that your treatment process will be continuous. Sleep apnea is a very dangerous sleep disorder. You can actually die in your sleep especially if you have a severe case of this sleep disorder. Each night that you let pass without treatment is a threat to your life.

Sleep apnea test you can start at home

There is a way to self-check if you might be suffering from sleep apnea. By answering simple questions, you can already conduct a sleep apnea test by yourself. Try searching for sleep apnea tests online. It contains questions to determine if you are showing signs of sleep apnea. Very loud snoring and having pauses in breathing while asleep is the major sign of sleep apnea. If the test shows that you may majority of the symptoms, then it's time to see your doctor.

Sleep apnea test by your primary doctor

Initial sleep apnea test will be done by your primary doctor. You will be asked several questions about your personal and family medical background. Ask your family and immediate relatives if there are members who suffer from sleep apnea. This sleep disorder usually runs in the family. Prior to going to the doctor, it would also help for you to keep a sleep journal for a week. This will help your doctor understand your sleep situation. Others even record a video of themselves while sleeping just to find out how loudly they snore. Most sufferers are unaware of how they breathe while asleep.

A physical examination is also necessary for your doctor to determine the cause of the symptoms. Your doctor will check the soft palate at the back of your mouth, tonsils, tongue and adenoids. If any of these are enlarged, it might be causing you to snore. Your nasal passage will also be checked if you have a deviated septum or other nasal obstruction. Other cases may be more serious such as a brain or neurological dysfunction. Once your doctor determines the cause, you will probably be referred to a sleep specialist.

Sleep apnea test by a sleep specialist

Sleep specialists are doctors who have specialized in studying sleep related disorders. You can be referred either to a pulmonologist (lungs), neurologist (brain) or otolaryngologist (throat). Some dentists also have special training in sleep medicine. They provide dental appliances to help stop snoring and prevent sleep apnea. Your sleep specialist will have to rely on the result of a sleep study to recommend the perfect treatment. You might then be referred to a sleep clinic for accurate diagnosis.

Sleep apnea test inside a sleep lab

A sleep clinic is where one can be diagnosed for symptoms of sleep apnea. The result of the testing will then be interpreted by your sleep specialist. Based on that, proper treatment will be prescribed. A sleep apnea test inside a sleep clinic is usually done overnight only by a method called polysomnogram. Before you go to sleep, electrodes or sensors will be attached to various parts of your body. One will be placed in your scalp, face, limbs, chest and fingers. These sensors will record your brain activity, blood pressure, muscle activity eye movement and breathing rate. This will all be done while you are sleeping. It is a painless procedure and all you need to do is sleep. The only problem with sleep clinics is the high cost of diagnosis. Hopefully your medical health insurance can cover the cost of diagnosis and treatment.

Sleep apnea test professionally done at home

To solve the high cost of sleep apnea tests, a home sleep test is available in the market. It is relatively cheaper and can be done at the comforts of your own bedroom. When orders, it usually arrived to you in a box. Inside the box is a gadget that looks like a small computer with a monitor. Instructions are included in the box and all you need to do is follow them. You will need to attach the sensors to various points of your body then turn the machine on. There are different types and models of home sleep test kits so the testing procedure might vary. After your overnight testing, you can have the results sent back to the clinic and they will be the one to interpret the results for you. Go back to your sleep specialist for a proper treatment prescription.

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