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big city promotions - Customer Acquisition

Effective Way to Decrease Customer Acquisition Cost

Want to decrease customer acquisition costs? Need fresh inflow of customers? Your target audience is hard to track down? Spending millions to acquire new customers? BigCity Promotions has answers to all these questions. The creative tailor-made rewards program, designed by Big City has been reaping huge benefits for some of India's leading brands.

For example, a leading brand has a vast customer base. They found a potential customer base in the Kids account section which was untapped. Big City promotions offered them a leaflet designed with various offers ranging from discounts on clothes, discounts on premium pizza and ice cream joints etc. kid's account opening requests began to pour in by the passing day. This promotion still holds as the Bank's most successful marketing activity to tap untapped markets. This promotion went on to show that Big City has solutions to decrease customer acquisition costs.

Another example is of a leading watch brand which did a promotion for Valentine's Day.

Keeping the mush and love alive, Big City created a promotion "LOL, Loaded with Love" in which a combination of Free Cinema and Dining booklet for a couple was delivered via a branded voucher. All products sold during the promotional period were incentivized with a free cinema and dining offer for a couple at premium Cinema theaters and restaurants. This triggered a huge rush in sales for the brand.

Big City Promotions has catered to various clients in various sectors like Banking, Retail, FMCG, Pharmaceutical, Home Décor, Hotels and Resorts, Beverages, Accessories etc. BigCity Promotions has expertise in offering creative solutions to combat the raging Brand Marketing cost problems.


About the Author

Varu Arora is the marketing manager of big city promotions and promotes services of big city promotions; they also specialize in sales promotion activities.

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