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Baby Beach Tent Automatic Pop Up Cabana Sun Shelter Portable Kids Play Bed Blue
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Cabana Play

Patio misting systems come as an oasis of cooling

The scorching summer heat is a torture for everyone and people are constant trying ways to create a pleasant place to sit during the worst of the summer heat.  It is impossible to find a pleasant stay in the outdoors during summer months. For overcoming the torment of summer heat, the technology that makes use of evaporative cooling is adapted at the domestic level. This evaporative cooling method is used in the patio misting systems.

Patio misters have been widely used in the domestic scenario for getting a cooling effect during horrid summer season. They have the capacity to provide a reduction in the temperature of around 30 degrees. For getting the cooling effect, you need to install them at a height of at least 10 feet off the ground. In that way the patio misting system would get a sufficient wide coverage. The main operating principle of the system is known as flash evaporation which is caused by a combination of the size of the water droplets produced by the misting nozzles and the pressure at which the mist is being produced. Here the misting nozzles play the vital role in making the flash evaporation possible.

These misting systems are also referred as patio cooling systems or patio mister systems. Water is being dispersed through the misting nozzles using a water line that is installed around the area that needs to be cooled. It can be a patio, it may be an outdoor barbeque area or it may be around the swimming pool.  The position of the mist line systems is completely a personal choice. However, only necessity is that the desired place should have a water source nearby to provide the water for the system.

The whole patio misting system kit consists of a low pressure which has a mist line, a filter to prevent clogging, misting nozzles, a shutoff valve, mounting clips and hose connections. It is always wise to choose brass misting nozzles. The mist lines are available in various lengths depending on the area that you need to cool. For a smaller area, use mist line that comes in small length. There are many companies that offer patio misting systems. So it is wise to shop around and find the best misting system that would suit your requirements and you would feel comfortable with.

The only concern with the patio cooling systems would the mist nozzles and their replacement. You need to be careful while purchasing the nozzles as their quality determines the effectiveness and durability of the systems. Even though plastic nozzles are available, it is better to go for brass nozzles that ensure working efficiency and long life. It is also possible to clean the misting nozzles when it gets clogged.

If you have installed a quality outdoor patio misting system, it would ensure that you will be able to enjoy the outdoors in comfort during summer months. Also, you can be a good host as many guests would crave to be in your patio with the misting system in it.

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