Cabana Sun Wind

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9 ft Pop Up Cabana Sun  Wind Canopy Shelter Beach Hut Shade Tent Baby SPF NEW
9 ft Pop Up Cabana Sun Wind Canopy Shelter Beach Hut Shade Tent Baby SPF NEW
Time Remaining: 26d 12h 15m
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Cabana Sun Wind

Beach Tents / Cabanas - Your Paradise of Solitude

Beach holidays are becoming exceedingly common among families and couples as it means fun and enjoyment for all. Children are extremely fond of making sandcastles. Some people love to collect shells as their hobby. Basically, a beach is a one stop place for adventure and excitement.

But one of the most problematic aspects of such a holiday is the sun rays that beat down upon you. Not only do the rays cause sunburn but the UV rays are bad for your skin and hair. Recent studies have revealed that UV rays can cause skin cancer. Due to the high penetrating power of the UV rays they can easily cause harm to your body.

Therefore, when you plan for a day at the beach, it is very important to shield your family from the sun so that you can enjoy with uninterrupted pleasure. Cabanas can help you in accomplishing this purpose. They provide ample shade from the harmful sun rays. They are cozy and comfortable so that you can sit and read or simply go to sleep inside them. They even offer privacy for adults if they have to change clothes.

The terms tent and cabana are often used interchangeably as their function is basically the same. They are designed to protect people from sun rays, wind or sudden rain. Blowing sand particles might get into the eyes of kids and toddlers. The tents are fitted with mesh windows that keep the sand grains away and give proper ventilation. If you need to expand your seating area, you can simply unzip the panel like door. Beach tents last for years as they are specially manufactured from marine grade fabric and are strong and durable.

Beach tents come in a variety of sizes to suit your needs. If you are in a big group and are carrying a lot of equipment like umbrellas and chairs then you could buy a large sized one but if you are one or two in number and are carrying relatively less items then you could select a smaller and more compact one.

Buying a tent has become essential as beaches are extremely crowded these days. It is not much fun unless you have your own space to stretch your legs. has a large collection of beach tents/cabanas in their collection in a variety of colors and sizes. These can be folded up and stored easily. Custom made tents for kids are also available here. You can now enjoy a day with your family in your private and isolated haven.

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