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Tarp Aqua Cover Tent Waterproof Quest Sil Guide 100 Rip Stop Nylon 10x10 Feet
Tarp Aqua Cover Tent Waterproof Quest Sil Guide 100 Rip Stop Nylon 10x10 Feet
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Feet Cover

Trendy Feet Tattoos: Best Tattoo Removal Options

The previous article discussed popular feet tattoo designs and the symbolism behind them. Now we will review options for tattoo removal. There was a time when tattoos were permanent. If you wanted a tattoo, it was a careful, well-thought out decision because it was something you would have for life. However, people desire tattoo removal for several reasons. Some people may regret a tattoo years later because they were drunk, acted on impulse, or felt pressured into it. Other people may no longer be in a relationship with the person they tattooed on their chest.  The best tattoo removal option used to be to hide or cover up your tattoo. Fortunately, there are several new options for the best tattoo removal.

Best Tattoo Removal

Laser or Light Therapy One of the best tattoo removal options is laser or light therapy. Lasers use light to penetrate deep into the skin and break up the ink into tiny fragments. Your immune system will then remove these tiny fragments over time. This best tattoo removal option is the most common, but requires several treatments to completely remove the tattoo. The downside to tattoo removal with lasers is that it is painful and that it may cause scarring. However, new technology continues to focus on minimal scarring during the procedure. Each tattoo removal session costs anywhere from $300-$900 and you may need to come back anywhere from 1-10 times to see results. Light therapy (IPL) is more expensive than laser therapy, but it does not hurt as much and it works better. With IPL, a gel is applied to the skin and a wand is used to release pulses of light onto the tattoo. IPL will cost you about $10 per light pulse! The number of pulses required will depend on the size of your tattoo. These two options are the best tattoo removal options.

Get Another Tattoo! Tattoo artists are very skilled at covering up one tattoo by placing another tattoo on top of it. This is especially easy if you have a tattoo of a sign or symbol. If you choose the right tattoo, it can effectively cover up your old tattoo.

Makeup Using makeup is the best tattoo removal option if you can’t afford laser removal. It is very simple to apply makeup and it is relatively inexpensive to keep up. You may have to cover your tattoo with makeup daily or every few days depending on how often you need to hide your tattoo. To find the right shade of makeup, go to your local store and find a foundation that is as close to your skin color as possible. Ideally, you should try to match the foundation to the area of skin around your tattoo for better results.

Not the Best Tattoo Removal Option

Creams Creams may not be the best tattoo removal option. However, they are worth a try if you don’t want to incur pain and if you do not have enough money for laser tattoo removal. Certain creams are designed to fade the tattoo over the course of a few months. It is not painful and supposedly not damaging to the skin. I have heard that creams may result in scarring, however. A 2 month supply cost just over $100 for popular brands like Tat B Gone and Tattoo off. Creams may be helpful in fading a tattoo so that it is not as bold. However, the chance of a tattoo cream removing your tattoo entirely is unlikely.

Deciding on the best tattoo removal option depends on your own preference. For some, the best tattoo removal is to get rid of the tattoo permanently. Others agree that simply covering up the tattoo is the best tattoo removal option. Technology is advancing rapidly and there is no doubt that there will be another best tattoo removal option soon!

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