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Hotel in Kasauli - Hill Station of Royal Grace

Ever visited a place where earsplitting means silence? Visit Kasauli, a hill station in Northern India. Set in a calm atmosphere, this place is sure to get you thunderstruck!

Developed during the "hey days" of the British Empire, is one of the small towns called Kasauli. One of the most tranquil hill resort towns in the country modestly built at 2000 meters and an approximately 10 mile bridle path connects this town. The aura of this town is embraced by the picturesque facades, eye-catching gardens, alley paved with cobblestones and beautiful orchards. Looking for a getaway to beat the city traffic, sights and sounds? Kasauli is the place to be as most of the roads are restricted to traffic and hence one of the calmest hill stations in India.

The Kasauli Experience

The wholesome mountain air and water is all thanks to the climate in Kasauli which is pleasant in the summers, and, occasional snow-fall graces through winter. Heavy woolen apparel is required in the winters as it gets so cold the temperatures lower just above freezing point! The best part about Kasauli is that during the monsoons it feels as if the clouds swoop down upon you and the mist surrounds you.

Getting there

You can hire cabs on rental at a fair price which includes most of the sight seeing and other interests. Kasauli is well connected to Delhi and Chandigarh by road, and, bus services are available at either cities.

Main Attractions

The main tourist attractions in Kasauli are:

* Monkey Point – It is the highest point in Kasauli at a distance of about 2 miles from the main city. Lord Hanuman, the sacred god of the Hindus, according to myth had stepped foot on this hill wherein a temple had been built dedicated to him. The best way to enjoy the way up is by holding hands with your partner on a clear and starry night and surrender to the beauty of nature.

* Dagshai – consists of military schools and military barracks.

* Anglican Church – This church is prominent because of its Gothic arches, spires and buttresses. It is one of the most impressive churches in Kasauli.

* Timber Trail – Atop two side-by-side hills, nestling in the lap of the Shivalik range is this ideal holiday stopover. A night's halt is a must at this hill top surrounded by wooded hills. The cable car ride is hair-raising and breath-taking but totally safe and is to be experienced in Kasauli.

* Khetarpal Marg – Locals believe there is a haunted house in this area wherein at night after 8:30, the locals claim that one is followed by a ghost's footsteps! However, nobody has experienced this recently.

Dining in Kasauli

In life, dining out has always had its place. A good hotel is a combination of delightfully good food, soothing music, good wine and plethora of cuisine artistry by the chefs and the musicians.Hotels in Kasauli are of different grades, ranging from economy-type rooms to palatial villas for the rich and mighty.

Planning your trip

A total of three days sums up the Kasauli trip where 1 day is dedicated to the trek up the Shivalik range then winding up the day in the Timber Trail resort. The following day is spent seeing the various tourist interests. The final day should be spent in leisure atop the monkey point overlooking the vast scenery and lush green fields.

The calmest and quietest of the hill stations that the country has to offer till date. Listen to the birds' chirp, the crushing of fallen leaves as you walk by the trek routes and discover harmony on a different level. Kasauli,where noise means Silence.

So, what you are waiting for, come & Book your accommodation in Kasauli.

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