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Eureka Individual Combat Shelter  New
Eureka Individual Combat Shelter New
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Tents for Backpacking One Person Ultralight Storm Sleep Shelter Free Shipping
Tents for Backpacking One Person Ultralight Storm Sleep Shelter Free Shipping
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Eureka Shelter

Le Mosaiste artisans can turn your home into a Moroccan sacred place of peace

Home is the best place that anyone likes to be in. It's the temple of mind and soul, the place for shelter and the basic requirement of our daily life. Our craze lies decorating the home in every ways to make it look good and make it a better place to be in. The designer tiles of Le Mosaiste present the texture and theme of different moods within a room, kitchen, bathroom, ceiling and floors. The elegant designs of the Moroccan tiles come in both simple and traditional craftsmanship. The wide range of tiles mainly includes Moroccan Kitchen tiles, Moorish tiles and Moroccan floor tiles. These are most exclusive selections of the world in terms of designs, durability and costs. The historical beauty can be explored with the designs of the glorious pillar of Mediterranean and other hidden myths. Le Mosaiste works on a multitude of project in co-ordination with architects, interior decorators, contractors/builders, dealers, and home owners.

The projects may range from large-scale commercial installations to simply supplying of smaller private remodels including products. The employees of the company are expert artists who handle production, distribution, design services and all international installations outside of the U.S. However, specialized team has been built within U.S. for handling home projects that requires timely installations to gain the authenticity of the company. Founded in the year 2005, the vision of LE MOSAISTE has always been to combine both honor historic craftsmanship and innovative designs harmonizing with the current architecture. Moroccon tiles Los Angeles have become popular and there are frequent request coming especially from the domestic front. The most evident effort of the artists has been fruitful with the effective popularity of the Moroccan tiles . The catalogue of LE MOSAISTE displays the genuine Moroccan ceramic tiles. The products in this category include Chiseled Tiles & Borders, Hand Painted Tiles, Mosaic Borders & Stair Risers, Tile-Based Products and Loose Field Tiles. All these products are absolutely different in design characteristics, namely colors, layouts, and levels of intricacy.

Examples of some tile-based products are counter tops, fountains, murals, tables and other applications which can be made from Moorish zellige. The grand designs of LE MOSAISTE have stretched the company to achieve two most prestigious awards- the Golden Star of European Quality award and the Gold Medal of EUREKA in 1996 in Brussels, Belgium award. Moroccan Tile has gained compliments from a number of projects such as the Royal Palaces, the Great Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca, the Parliament's Headquarters Cupola in Rabat, the Prefectures of Casablanca, the following Airports: Mohammed V in Casablanca, Rabat Sale, Errachidia, Marrakech, the Mamounia Hotel in Marrakech, the Casablanca Hyatt Regency Hotel, Jnan Hotel in Fez and the Jardins de la Palmeraie's Restaurant in Marrakech. These projects are the memorable milestones for the company. Among the projects accomplished in abroad; there are Walt Disney World - Epcot Center in Orlando, Florida (Moroccan section), the Royal Palaces in Jordan, the Maison du Maroc in Paris, France, "Jardin de Casablanca" at the Bordeaux Flower Show, Mohammed V Pavilion at the F.A.O. Head Office in Rome, Italy and the International Gardens of Cairo in Egypt.

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Le Mosaiste, best known for Moroccan Mosaic master pieces, is the greatest presenters of handcrafter designs of moroccan tiles , moorish tiles and moroccan floor tiles


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